The most common reason users may want to deactivate their CloudPeeps account is that they do not want their profile showing up in search engines, such as Google. If you'd like your profile to no longer appear in search engines, you can simply toggle your profile to private as per our article here.

Please note: search engines may take a while to update their index so please keep this time in mind when waiting for your profile to be removed. Your web browser may also be cached so be sure to double check in incognito mode.

 If you'd like to deactivate your CloudPeeps account, please read on:

Account deactivation

If you'd like to deactivate your account, please send us a message to and we will add you to our list of manual deactivations.  

Account deletion

When you signed up for a CloudPeeps account, you agreed to our Terms of Service. As part of these terms, we have a no account deletion policy. This is because the company is required to record and report all payments and transactions to the relevant government agencies – and according to tax law. 

We also do no allow users to sign up for multiple accounts as a way to get around any reviews and references, or falsify account data. Trust and safety on the platform is important to us. We are happy to deactivate and cancel your account so your information is no longer available on the CloudPeeps platform or publicly available in search engines.

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