Job board access

Peeps who are subscribed to a paid membership (a Standard Plan or higher) have access to the job board on CloudPeeps. To access the job board, you need to be an approved Peep on a subscription plan. To upgrade your plan, please view our pricing page


There are two types of listings on the job board, these include: 

1. Jobs

Jobs on CloudPeeps are on-platform opportunities from clients and companies that are specifically looking to work with Peeps. You can apply to the position by sending a proposal through the job listing. If it's a match, you are then engaged and invoice directly on CloudPeeps.

2. Leads

Leads on CloudPeeps are off-platform opportunities from clients and companies that are looking to work with freelancers in general. You do not send proposals on the CloudPeeps platform, instead you are taken to a third-party site and may reach directly. If desired, you can then set up invoicing through CloudPeeps (there is no charge, i.e. a 0% service fee, for off-platform clients).

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