If you receive a message, proposal, job offer, or notice that a job posting looks like spam or a scam, please use the platforms flagging tools or email support@cloudpeeps.com with a short description. CloudPeeps will then investigate the user sending the spam and block them accordingly. 

For users, this will:

  • Revoke their access 

  • Any conversations they started will be “trashed” (which would also trash replies from e.g. a Peep they contacted). Trashed conversations mean they cannot be seen by any participants. 

  • Their profile is hidden.

For clients, this will:

  • Each user will be marked as a ‘spammer’ (so the above user rules apply)

  • Job listings and job offers will be closed, revoked or rejected. This means if they’ve posted a job listing then any Peeps who pitched will get notified they were rejected.

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