The first step to getting started on CloudPeeps is to create an account on the platform using the sign up link

Regardless of if you're registering as a Peep or a client who creates an account will have an individual user profile – whether you're signing up as a company or as a freelancer.

Account eligibility

Anyone signing up to use CloudPeeps must be at least 18 years of age. You may only create one freelancer (Peep) account on the site per user, however, have the ability to create multiple company profiles.

Multiple accounts

As per our Terms of Service, Peeps may not register for more than one Peep account. Attempting to game the platform may cause you to be permanently terminated from using the site.

Account approval

CloudPeeps currently serves freelancers in a limited number of operating countries. To check whether you are eligible to become a freelancer, please visit our list of current countries. For more information on account approval, visit this article.

Account security and authorization

When you sign up we'll ask for certain details like your email address and phone number – don't worry, we keep this information private. 

You will also be asked to create a password: please don't share your password or login credentials with anyone. If you do, we assume that they have permission to use your account on your behalf.

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