What payment methods do you support?

We currently support payment via credit or debit card and are processed in USD.

How do I pay my Peep?

All payments for jobs hosted on the platform will process using the credit or debit card details you provide. Peeps will submit invoices directly via CloudPeeps for your review. 

What will my Peep charge me?

It's up to you and your Peep to negotiate any rates and budgets that you'd like to stay within for the work they're doing for you. 

When will my Peep invoice me?

When your Peep invoices you depends on the specific agreement and job type you set up when you begin working together. It's up to you and your Peep to decide when you expect them to submit any invoices.

When will I be charged?

You will have 5 days to review any invoices your Peep manually submits before your card on file is charged and the Peep's payout processed. 

For fixed rate jobs you will be charged at the start of the job, and every 30 days if working on a fixed ongoing format. Payout is sent to the Peep 30 days after the start date on the invoice. 

Can I release funds to my Peep sooner than the invoice pay out date?

You have the opportunity to release funds early to your Peep by clicking the "Release Peep Funds Early" button on the invoice. However, keep in mind that releasing funds early waives your right to request a refund since the funds have been released to the Peep and are no longer being held for payment. 

What sort of fees are involved? Do I have to pay anything up front?

It's currently free to list a job and message any Peeps you're interested in working with. CloudPeeps takes a fee from Peep payouts based on each submitted invoice.

When you select a Peep's proposal off of a job listing you will be pre-charged $50. This amount is credited toward your next invoice.

Why do you ask for payment details up front?

We take payment details up front to ensure that all clients on CloudPeeps have a verified payment method on file before Peeps begin work. You must have at least one valid payment method on file while you have an active job on the platform and/or any outstanding invoices from Peeps.

If for any reason your card on file fails to charge for an invoice a Peep submits, we may pause your job with the Peep until you have settled up any outstanding balances and updated your account with valid payment details.

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