The CloudPeeps platforms allows clients to not only find freelance talent, but also manage existing freelancer relationships and jobs.

Known as 'External jobs', we currently have a manual process to set them up on the platform as job positions. 

  • External job positions are charged a 1% service fee in conjunction with Stripe's standard transaction fees of 2.9% + 30c. Please note: CloudPeeps integrates with Stripe's Connect platform and we are charged an additional fee to use this service, hence the 1% service fee. Please see:

  • In order for this offer to be applied to a job position, a client or Peep must notify CloudPeeps directly via email to CloudPeeps support so that the 1% service fee can be applied manually

  • If no notice has been given prior to the job position has been set up and invoices processed, CloudPeeps is unable to return service fees

  • If you need help manually setting up the job (as often the case for Peeps), please invite the client to join CloudPeeps, then email CloudPeeps support the following information:
    1. Job title
    2. Job description
    3. Company name
    4. One-time or ongoing
    5. Billing format (hourly/fixed)
    6. Hourly rate (if applicable)
    7. Monthly budget. 

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