We have introduced a Pro status on CloudPeeps that power users earn through their usage of the platform and contribution to the community.

Requirements of CloudPeeps Pro Status

In order to be awarded the Pro status, a Peep must have:

  • Been active on the platform within the past 24 months

  • Invoiced $5000-plus through the platform

  • Maintained 80% positive reviews (⅘) (if reviewed)

  • An approved account (not deactivated)

  • Set up themselves to be payable on the platform

Pro status is a 'lifetime achievement'. E.g. once you’re a Pro, you will remain a pro unless you deactivate your account, have your account terminated, or are no longer active on CloudPeeps.

Perks of CloudPeeps Pro Status

The following perks are available to Pros:

  • Receive direct match introductions to CloudPeeps Pro clients

  • Pro badge on profile 

  • Pro badge on proposals 

  • Established ranking in search

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Special events and offers

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