What does it cost to sign up?

It's free to submit job listings and discover freelancers to work with on CloudPeeps. Visit our rates page to get an idea of the types of rates freelance Peeps typically offer. 

What do Peeps work on?

Peeps work on a variety of jobs types, ranging from blog writing to advertising, PR to design and development!

Can I set up a trial period?

Absolutely! You're able to message Peeps to discuss any trial work you'd like to offer.

Can I reopen a job listing to receive additional proposals?

Sure! Simply click on your job listing in your dashboard and you'll see the option at the bottom to reopen the listing.

How quickly can Peeps get started working?

When your Peep begins work depends on their availability and when you decide you'd like to kick off. Many times Peeps are available to begin work straight away - it simply depends on what you discuss and their current bandwidth!

Do I have to worry about NDAs and confidentiality?

All freelance Peeps must agree to the CloudPeeps Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Independent Contractor Agreement before signing up on the platform and viewing any client details. If you'd like Peeps to sign any additional contracts or NDAs that's up to the discretion of you and the Peep.

How do you vet Peeps?

Any Peeps who want to work with CloudPeeps clients must first submit their profile for review and meet certain eligibility requirements to join the platform. Read more about profile review here: Submitting your profile on CloudPeeps.

CloudPeeps does not perform any background or quality checks, nor do we vet any individual or company in the community.

What if I want to work directly with my Peep?

CloudPeeps charges an opt-out fee of $1,500 USD if you'd prefer to work with your Peep off of the platform. This fee is separate from any rate or budget you agree on with your Peep.

Both you and your Peep must come to a mutual agreement in order to opt out of using the site. Once you do, either you or the Peep (whoever requested to opt out of CloudPeeps) will be invoiced the full amount of the opt-out fee. Whoever requested the opt-out will have 5 days to pay the invoice in full before CloudPeeps automatically processes the charge.

Please email hello@cloudpeeps.com for more details.

Who manages my relationship with my Peep?

You and your Peep will work together directly to achieve your goals - CloudPeeps does not manage relationships between freelancers and clients.

Whenever you decide to bring on someone to work with you, it’s important to make sure you’re setting up the relationship appropriately and following all applicable laws when determining whether the person you are retaining is an employee or independent contractor. CloudPeeps always encourages clients and Peeps to consult with legal and tax counsel to ensure they are complying with all applicable laws.

What if I receive a poor review?

Reviews and ratings form the basis of trust and accountability within the community. It is CloudPeeps' policy to not remove or edit any reviews or ratings submitted on behalf of any user. 

Exceptions may be made if reviews or ratings include profane or derogatory language. If you receive a review or rating that you contains profane or derogatory language please email hello@cloudpeeps.com to notify a team member so that we can review the comment.

What documents do I need to provide Peeps for taxes?

We provide necessary tax forms to Peeps for earnings on any jobs hosted on the platform. Check out our guide on managing taxes for more details.

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