If for any reason you're unhappy with the work your Peep has done for you then you should sync up with them directly. CloudPeeps does not guarantee the quality of Peep work or deliverables, however offers ways to query invoices and manage disputes within the platform.

Disputes on hourly payments

When invoices are manually submitted, you will need to raise any queries directly on a Peep’s invoice during the “Dispute Period”. This is the time frame between when the invoice is submitted and when you are charged - typically 5 days from when the invoice is submitted.

You'll see the option to click "Inquire about this invoice" directly on the invoice. This will pause your payment and allow you to sync up with your Peep. Once you've resolved any dispute your Peep will need to re-submit the invoice in order for it to process.

Disputes on non-hourly payments

If an invoice is not submitted on an hourly basis, and the job is on a fixed rate billing format, you will have agreed to be charged up front for your Peep’s work, and the Peep’s payout will process after 30 days. In the case of a dispute, you or your Peep may “Pause” or “End” the job in order to pause or cancel the job and trigger a pro-rata refund. 

Note: Payments are are non-disputable via the CloudPeeps platform once payment has been released to the Peep. In the case of a dispute after payments have been released, clients must directly contact the Peep to request any refunds.

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