When working on a CloudPeeps hosted job you'll have access to submit invoices directly via the platform. 

Steps to submit a new invoice

  1. Log in to your account here https://www.cloudpeeps.com/sign_in 

  2. Click on "Manage work" in the left hand panel of your dashboard

  3. Click on "Jobs" to view the active jobs you're working on with clients

  4. Click on the invoicing tab next to the job you'd like to submit an invoice for

  5. Create your invoice and click "Preview"

  6. Once you're happy with the items you've included in your invoice simply click "Submit" to send it through to the client.

At this time, CloudPeeps does not have the ability to do milestone payments or deposits.

When clients are charged

Clients will receive an email and notification each time you submit a new invoice. They will have 5 days to review any invoices prior to CloudPeeps charging their card on file, or can opt to pay the invoice straight away. From there your payout will automatically process using the direct deposit details you set up in your account.

When your payouts will process

The date your payout is set to process is located at the top of each invoice. Payments will process based on the pay period end date on the specific invoice once payment has been collected from the client. 

When your payout is marked as "Paid" this means payment has been released and sent to your bank. As a heads up: it can take 24-48 business hours for payments to hit your account. 

Early release of funds

If your client has agreed to pay you sooner than the pay period end date, they can click the "Release Peep Funds Early" button on your invoice. When funds are released early, the client waives the right to request a refund since the funds have been released to you and are no longer being held for payment.

Have a specific question about an invoice or receiving payments? Email hello@cloudpeeps.com. 

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