One way to connect with clients on CloudPeeps is by submitting proposals to open listings. This is how you will pitch for any available job opportunities, and gives you the opportunity to reach out and tell clients how you'll help them achieve their goals!

Viewing available listings

When you log in to your dashboard you'll see a link to view the job board. This is where you can access listings that are currently open to receive proposals, and is how you will pitch any clients looking to hear from freelance Peeps to work with.

Creating your proposal

When viewing any job listings you'll see the option to "Submit a proposal." Click on that link to be taken to the proposal submission form. 

Clients will be able to view your full profile and experience, so don't worry about including too many background details about yourself in your proposal - just keep your profile up to date!

You can also attach sample work to any proposal you submit. Attachments can be images, PDFs or Word documents up to 1MB each.

Submitting your proposal

Once you've drafted your proposal you'll have the option to preview it before you submit it to the client. Make sure to click through to "Submit" when you're ready.

How many proposals you're able to submit

The number of proposals you're able to submit each month depends on your current membership plan. You can see the number of proposals you have remaining to submit in your "Proposals" tab in your account.

Please view our Peep subscription plans page for more details around how many proposals are included in each plan.

Deadlines for submissions

All proposal deadlines are posted on each listing on the job board. Listings are typically open to receive proposals for 14 days, however clients can select their Peep at any time. The date a listing closes is displayed in your current time zone.

Clients can also reopen job listings if they want to receive additional proposals from Peeps to work with.

Rate negotiation

You're free to include any suggested rates you'd offer within proposals you submit. It's up to you and the client to finalize any rate and budget details for your work.

Proposal selection

If a client chooses your proposal you'll receive an email and notification within the platform that the client has chosen you as their Peep.

Status of proposals

You can check the status of your proposals in your dashboard at any time, as well as follow up with clients via commenting on any proposals you've submitted to check in on their status of choosing a Peep. 

Proposal statuses are automatically updated when a client chooses a Peep's proposal, or if they have not made a decision on a Peep to work with within 2 weeks. Clients can also manually update their job listings by archiving them if they're no longer looking to hire. This will update any proposal statuses to "Never decided."

Proposal statuses include:

  • Submitted: your proposal was submitted

  • Not submitted: your proposal is saved as a draft

  • Never submitted: you did not submit your proposal before the listing expired

  • Unsuccessful: your proposal was not chosen

  • Never decided: the client didn't choose a Peep

  • Selected: your proposal was chosen

Client timeline for selecting Peeps off proposals

Clients are free to select which Peep they'd like to work with at any time while pitching is open, as well as any time after pitching on a listing closes. Some clients decide to choose their Peep early, while others may take longer to make a decision.

When a client selects a Peep is completely up to them, and varies on a case by case basis. CloudPeeps doesn't currently have a timeline restriction or requirements for when clients need to make a decision on what Peep to work with.

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