Who manages my relationship with clients?

When you connect clients you will work together to achieve your goals. CloudPeeps does not manage client and Peep relationships.

What if my client goes out of scope?

It's within your control to have upfront and honest conversations with any clients if you find they're going out of scope of your job agreement. We recommend always updating your job details in the platform in order to be able to reference the scope of work you and your client have agreed to.

Do I have to accept rates clients offer?

No. You have the ability to negotiate your rates and budget for any work you and a client discuss. 

What if a client wants to pay me directly?

For any CloudPeeps hosted jobs payments must be routed through the platform. 

CloudPeeps charges an opt-out fee of $1,500 USD if you'd prefer to work with your client off of the platform. 

Both you and the client must come to a mutual agreement in order to opt out of using the site. Once you do, either you or the client (whoever requested to opt out of CloudPeeps) will be invoiced the full amount of the opt-out fee. Whoever requested the opt-out will have 5 days to pay the invoice in full before CloudPeeps automatically processes the charge.

Please email hello@cloudpeeps.com for more details.

Am I allowed to sign additional contracts directly with clients?

All Peeps and clients are covered under CloudPeeps Terms, Privacy Policy and Independent Contractor Agreement. Signing any additional agreements or contracts is up to you and at your own discretion.

Does CloudPeeps take taxes out of my pay?

CloudPeeps does not collect taxes off of any payments you receive via the platform. As an independent contractor you're responsible for filing your own taxes. 

CloudPeeps provides necessary tax forms to Peeps for earnings on any jobs hosted on the platform. Check out our guide on managing taxes for more details.

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