Submitting Proposals

Visit your job board to access all the current client listings open for new proposals. This is where clients outline their current needs and budgets and are looking to hear from Peeps available to work with them.

Read more about how to submit proposals here: How to submit proposals on the CloudPeeps job board.

Selling Service Packages

When you create your storefront you're able to offer service packages for clients to purchase. This is a great way to highlight your areas of expertise and promote rates for the type of work you like to do. 

Need additional tips? Check out our guide to building your storefront.

Messaging via your Profile

Clients often search through Peep profiles to discover who is available to work with them. It's great to make sure your profile (and storefront) is always up to date with your experience and current availability so that when clients search CloudPeeps you're easily discoverable.

If a client wants to chat more, they can send you a direct message via your profile. You'll receive both and email and platform notification whenever you have a new message to view.

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