Who can view my profile?

All profiles are publicly viewable by default. This means they are both searchable within the CloudPeeps platform, as well as indexed in search engines and are searchable via web browsers.

Can I make my profile private?

If you'd like your profile to remain private simply click "edit" under your profile tab in your dashboard and toggle your profile to "private." This will remove your profile from any search engine results. It can take some time for your profile to be fully removed from search results.

Can I delete my profile?

We don't currently have a formal account deactivation process (that's coming soon!), however you can toggle your profile to "private" if you'd like it to no longer be viewable. 

For more details please check out this guide: Account deactivation or deletion.

How can I get more profile views?

The more detail you include in your profile the better! When clients search through the community for Peeps to work with they often look for specific skills sets as well as portfolio samples. Also check out our doc on creating your storefront which shares more tips for how to promote the services you offer!

Subscribing to our Pro plan is another great way to reach more clients - as your profile will be featured in search results and any proposals you submit will filter to the job of client inboxes. 

Want to lear more? Email hello@cloudpeeps.com to get in touch.

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