You have the ability to add multiple users to access your company account on CloudPeeps. Any user who needs access to your account should have their own log in – for security, please don't share your own login credentials. 

To add users to your account:

  1. Click "Manage users" in the "Account" tab on your dashboard

  2. Fill out the user's name and email address

  3. Click "Send invite" to notify them via email to create their profile and login credentials

Any users you add to your account will have the same permissions to do things like:

  • Post job listings

  • Hire Peeps

  • Manage  job positions

  • Review invoices

  • Pay invoices

  • Update company billing details

  • Edit your company profile

You also have the ability to revoke access from any users you've previously added. It is your responsibility to ensure that users with access to your account are kept up to date. 

Please note: right now, we do not have a master admin for companies, and all company contacts added to a company have the same privileges. 

If you require assistance with adding company contacts, please email 

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