When connecting with Peeps to work with it's ultimately up to you and the Peep to sort out the details of the work you need done and rates they charge.

Our rates guide can give you an idea of the types of rates Peeps typically charge for different types of work - check that out here: A guide to freelance rates.

Whether you're listing a job, or messaging Peeps about your needs, it's great to be upfront and honest with what you're looking to spend. From there, Peeps can help guide you on what work they would typically provide within your budget.

Receiving Quotes

If you'd like to hear from multiple Peeps on what they would charge for the work you need done it's great to post a job listing and ask Peeps to include quotes within their proposals they submit. When you post a job you'll be able to outline any budget ranges you'd like to stick within. 

Setting up Job Types

Peeps often prefer to work with clients of different job types depending on the work that they'd doing. For instance, setting up a flat rate per blog post, or billing hourly as they go. Here's a great post on our blog to check out on that topic: Choosing the best job type for your client or freelancer.

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