When you post a job on CloudPeeps you'll use a form right in the platform that walks you through outlining your needs. If you need a bit of extra help knowing what to include, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind!

Choose a descriptive, but brief, job title

This should indicate to Peeps what type of help you need. Titles like "Social Media Manager" or "Graphic Designer" are great to get across the type of experience you're looking for.

Outline your goals

Tell Peeps what you're looking to achieve. This helps them know whether or not they have the right experience to work with you.

List key deliverables

What do you expect your Peep to work with you on? Will it be delivering blog content, creating new landing pages for a website, creating posts on social media accounts? 

Indicate the type of work

You can post a job as one-time or ongoing. If you are looking for a Peep to work on a per-deliverable basis (such as a blog post), note your job as one-time and then your Peep will invoice you as each new deliverable is completed.

Set your budget

When you post a job on CloudPeeps you're required to include a top level budget or budget range. This helps ensure you're attracting proposals from Peeps whose rates fall within your range, and sets any budget expectations up front. 

Don't worry: you're free to negotiate any budgets with Peeps as you connect if you come to a different agreement about what they would charge for their work.

Note: all rates on CloudPeeps are in USD. We do not currently support international currencies. 

Define any time zone preferences

Peeps work from all over the world, and we're passionate about remote work on CloudPeeps! That said, if you'd prefer to work with a Peep in a closer time zone you're able to indicate those preferences directly in your job listing.

Create proposal guidelines

Including guidelines of what Peeps should include in their proposals is a great way to help narrow down your talent search. Want to see examples of past content they've created? Hear more about results they've achieved for previous clients? Ask away!

Need some more help getting started? Email hello@cloudpeeps.com to get in touch! Otherwise, get started by posting your job 👇

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