If you or your client have decided it's time to end your work together you'll need to close out your job on the CloudPeeps platform. You have the right to end any job you're working on at any time. Work can end for a number of reasons:

  • Your project ended

  • The client's budget changed

  • Your availability changed

  • The work ended up being the wrong fit

Whatever the reason, we always recommend having an honest conversation with your client to discuss how your work went, and any reasons why you have decided to wrap up.

In order to end your job on CloudPeeps, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account here: sign in

  2. Click follow the link for Manage > Jobs in your dashboard

  3. Click on the job you'd like to end

  4. Click "End job" on the job page

You'll be asked to share a few more details around why you're ending the job. Both you and the client will be notified once the job is closed out. 

Looking for more inspiration on managing client relationships? Check out our blog post: How to maintain positive relationships with past clients.

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