When you connect with a Peep you will set up your job and job agreement directly on the CloudPeeps platform. Any job offers or job listings you create will automatically populate your original job agreement when you hire your Peep.

You can view all of your current jobs and agreements by clicking on "Manage jobs" on the lefthand side of your dashboard and selecting the specific job you'd like to access.

Agreements include details like:

  • Start date

  • Company name

  • Peep name

  • Rate and budget

  • Billing format

  • Amendments to the agreement

You have the ability to edit your job details and agreement with your Peep at any time. Any edits you make will be recorded in the amendments section on your agreement, and both you and your Peep will receive an email confirmation when updates are made. You can read more about that here: Updating job details.

It's up to you and your Peep to ensure that any job details are kept up to date and recorded within your agreement on the CloudPeeps platform.  If you'd like weightier agreements or contracts in place, you can customize something with your Peep.

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