CloudPeeps is a freelance platform that empowers independent professionals and businesses to do their best work. And because we are in this together, we've created Community Guidelines to ensure members understand the expectations and responsibilities of their involvement. These guidelines strive to ensure that all members of the community have a positive, inclusive, constructive, and collaborative experience. Don't forget that your use of CloudPeeps is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Service

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Joining Guidelines

CloudPeeps maintains two communities on Facebook: our main group for all Peeps of CloudPeeps and our group for CloudPeeps Pros. Please visit our website for more information on membership levels. The content of both groups is private to non-members. To be eligible to join the main CloudPeeps group, you must be registered on CloudPeeps and include your CloudPeeps profile URL when joining. 

While some Peeps may also be clients, the groups are geared toward freelancers and we do not add clients to the groups. This enables us to have vulnerable and open conversations about the joys and challenges of running freelance businesses. 

Some non-Peep members may be added to the group(s), including CP investors, advisors, partners, and team members. These members are mostly observers and will be disclosed. 

CloudPeeps Culture Values

Our core mission is to create freedom for professionals to work the way they want, wherever they are. 

In order to do that we've created these 10 culture values, that are applicable to members of the CloudPeeps community:

  1. Be authentic in all that you do

  2. Lead with kindness

  3. Keep judgement in check

  4. Practice gratitude daily

  5. Champion big hearts, small egos

  6. Value freedom and embrace uncertainty

  7. Be direct: speak up, speak often

  8. Build trust through transparency and communication

  9. When in doubt, act

  10. Explore, experiment, share the journey and have fun!

Code of Conduct

Background: Who is this community group for?

  • The CloudPeeps community group is perfect for freelancers, independent professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, creatives, remote workers and those offering professional services or running agencies. 

  • The community group is open to Peep members of CloudPeeps. 

  • Members that fail to follow the guidelines (both the Code of Conduct and Posting Guidelines), those who block admins or moderators, and/or those whose deactivate their CloudPeeps account will be removed from the community, with or without notice. 

  • CloudPeeps is inclusive of all members, encourages diversity, and does not discriminate by race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or socio-economic background.

  • The community is perfect for sharing freelancing tips, must-read articles, freelance-related events (online and offline) asking questions about freelancing, unearthing opportunities, and general chat.  

Mission: Why does this community group exist? 

  • Running a freelance business can be super hard – and not to mention lonely! We want to empower freelancers to create freedom to work the way they want, wherever they are. And do this with a support network around them! A rising tide lifts all boats after all. 

Posting Guidelines

To preserve the values, positive vibe and discussion level of the community: all posts are moderated and placed in a moderation queue. 

In order to get your post approved, please follow the posting guidelines:  

  1. General conduct: Be a giver, not a taker! Speak – and also listen. Be positive and constructive. Be human and thoughtful when posting. Use greetings, add context and introduce yourself when sharing.  

  2. Be respectful and empathetic of others: Be courteous and respectful of other members when interacting. Acknowledge other members: share thanks when they reply or help you. Lead with emotional intelligence. Assume the best intent from other members. If you disagree with someone, do so politely. Please use the designated pronouns used by members of the community. 

  3. Zero harassment policy: Fortunately, it’s a rarity in our community. However, if you feel harassed or see harassment – please flag any posts or report them to an admin immediately.

  4. No spam or automated sharing! Any posts that are spammy in nature will not be posted. Please don’t share posts that you are scheduling or cross-posting to multiple groups. Tailor your posts to the community and add context. Links without any context or description won’t be approved. Be mindful of your self-promo ratio: sharing a link to your blog post or portfolio is fine once but not weekly of it it’s all you do! 

  5. No posting of external jobs or soliciting Peeps: We’ve specifically built a platform to streamline hiring talent and finding freelance work. If you’d like to hire a Peep, or share a job, please post a job here.

  6. No support queries: We want to encourage a high level of discourse in the group, and ensure content is relevant for members. Therefore this is not a group for CloudPeeps support queries. Posts with individual support questions will be not be approved. If you have a question or support query: please check the Help Center or email support

  7. Honor privacy: While this group is private on Facebook: vulnerable and confidential discussions may be had by members. Therefore, please respect the privacy of others. If you want to share screenshots of conversations or publicize discussions: please ask the original poster if they feel comfortable having their post shared.


If you ever have any questions or feedback, please say hello.

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